Alicia’s mother had a boyfriend who repeatedly molested her when she was just 9 years old. By the time the authorities became involved, the traumatic damage had already taken its toll. When she needed help the most, her own mother turned her back on her—convinced that Alicia had concocted the whole story for attention. Child Protective Services (CPS) finally removed Alicia from her home, only to have her fall even deeper into repeated foster care failures and an even darker pit of despair.

 As she entered adulthood, she endured one failed relationship after another, had nine children through multiple fathers, six abortions, one miscarriage, and two  CPS cases later—her pain-filled life seemed unfathomably hopeless. Many people in her state of mind often feel there is only one remaining solution, but fortunately for Alicia, she heard about a place called the “Red Door.”

Now in her 50’s, Alicia is almost ten years sober. She has held down a solid job the entire time—her first job ever in all those years. She pays her own rent. She pays her taxes. She faithfully contributes to her 401(k); She enjoys a strong relationship with all nine of her children, fifteen grandchildren, and one incredible, great-grandchild. More importantly, the woman who most thought would never amount to anything in life—now serves as a solid role model for all of them.

“I still amaze myself,” Alicia confesses with a grin.
“I suit up and show up every day.”

How does a person who starts out so well in life take such a dark tailspin downward?

If it can happen to Adrianna, what is to prevent it from happening to others like her?

And if it does…. are there any real answers to help us find our way back?

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