Sheri’s mother, a woman she never knew, was a 17-year old drug addict who had continued using LSD and anything else she could get her hands on all through her pregnancy. Immediately putting her up for adoption was the clear and evident decision. Adopted by a family whose mother was cold and distant, her grandfather began molesting her in the 4th grade. She managed to graduate from high school, but was already hopelessly addicted to meth as her only route of escape.

As addicts attract other addicts, she found the wrong man, became pregnant, and began to repeat the very cycle in which she had been brought into this world. It culminated in losing her children, spending multiple periods in jail, dumpster-diving, and prostitution to survive another day.

Today, however, this same woman holds down a very respectable full-time job. In fact, she has received three rapid promotions based on her initiative and solid work ethic. She has reunited with her children and grandchildren. At 52 years old, she now lives safely in the comfort of her own beautiful apartment—a sanctuary she is able to afford on her own.

How did Sheri turn completely in the opposite direction and start over?

Abandoned, abused, and damaged from birth, how did she stand a chance of survival?

What did it take for her to find the answers that would finally turn the tide?

How did Sheri turn it all around?

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