one size fits all fails all

In 2013, the federal government implemented Housing First as a one-size-fits-all approach to homelessness.  They promised this “evidence-based practice” would end homelessness in a decade.  Instead, federal data shows that homelessness rose by over 16%, despite a 200% increase in spending. Why then, does this policy remain in place at the federal level, and in over 230 communities across the United States?  Why do policy makers continue to invest in failure?

The following research is evidence of the absolute failure of Housing First as a one-size-fits-all approach. ​

2020 USICH Report

“In June 2021, without any explanation, the Biden Administration removed a federally-commissioned report which had previously been available at the link above since its release in October 2020.  The report includes the first-ever data illustrating the abject failure of Housing First since it was instituted as a one-size-fits-all solution to homelessness in 2011-2013.  The report also includes the steps that need to be taken to reverse our country’s spiraling homelessness crisis.  Fortunately, several of us kept a copy of this report which can be downloaded here:

Representative Andy Barr, upon learning of the report’s removal, took this issue to the financial services committee under which homelessness falls, and passionately requested the report’s reinstatement. Unfortunately, his request was voted down on a party-line vote, but thanks to Representative Barr, the report, and its removal, are now in the Congressional record.  Click here to view the Representative’s testimony:

2018 Homestretch, VA Report

2018 Legislative Auditor General, State of Utah Report

2013 Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness Report