Today, Jennifer is a hard-working executive in control of a bustling office; successful by anyone’s measure, you might find it impossible to believe—not so ago—she walked the streets by night and slept under the protection of a park bench by day.

Her father abandoning the family when she was just 12, she dropped out of school at 16 and found herself out on her own before she even turned 17. Brutally gang-raped, she struggled for survival in a world bathed in drugs, alcohol, and anything that would numb her pain. Day after day, year upon year, she stumbled through life in a haze of agonizing confusion until, by the time she was in her 40’s, she had become an empty shell of a human being—one that most people would prefer to look away from than acknowledge—the kind of person for which there seems so little hope.

How did Jennifer rise to the top from such a long life at the very bottom?

What could possibly pull her from the mire that had held her captive since her teens?

In a world of little to no hope….what does it take to turn it all around?

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