The sixth child of seven, Olivier was born to a single mother who had long been a victim of alcohol addiction. With no support from a father or extended family, she was inevitably removed from her mother and placed into foster care. Returning home for one more chance,  only resulted in Olivier almost being strangled to death, only to return to the foster system one more time. 

Life became one of running with the wrong crowd, marrying a drug addict, and having children of her own who also grew up in a world saturated with violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. The cycle of addiction spread until, at the breaking point, Olivier found herself struggling to survive each day living in a house along with ighteen other addicts, their world quickly spinning off its axis and completely out of control.

A rare moment of clarity convinced Olivier that she was soon to die if she didn’t do something drastic to change it all. Drawing a line in the sand, she took a bold step, reached out….and found the answer for which she had been searching her entire life.

After 30 years of abuse and addiction, what steps did Olivier finally take that made the difference? Who heard her cry and was there to lift her back up? Why was her final effort successful when all other attempts always seemed to lead her right back to her downfall in a vicious cycle of pain?

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