Sick to death and far beyond tired, Michelle finally drew a deep and lasting line in the sand. At 30-years old, she found real answers and, making a conscious decision, broke a long-standing cycle of severe addiction, poverty, and homelessness….that plagued her entire family for multiple generations. 

She began to learn new ways of approaching life. For the very first time, like a light switch flicking on, she began to see that when she became frustrated or angry, she could retain her power and the ability to control her response. She became centered and balanced in a way that she had never felt before. Her sense of confidence blossomed and she began to sense something completely unfamiliar—happiness and joy.

“If I thought the say I used to think, my life would be in ruins today.”  

Today, Michelle is married, the mother of six beautiful children, a journeyman, and a homeowner. 

Once change occurs, how does one maintain it?

If change is truly attainable…why are so many of the homeless stuck in the cycle?

In a country that currently continues to spend tens of billions on the homelessness  epidemic…. 

why are the Michelle’s such a minority?

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