Adopted at birth, Adrianna grew up in an idyllic, resource-replete family with a devoted mother; the head nurse of the local hospital, and a strong father; a man with a successful career as an engineer. From the perspective of a child, Heaven provided her two angelic parents.

She had it all….on the outside at least. She felt oddly different on the inside. She looked and acted differently than her family and her feelings of inadequacy swelled,  leading her to heavy marijuana use by the age of 12. This form of relief quickly progressed to crack by age 13, and meth by 14. Alcohol abuse naturally followed. Barely even a teenager, addiction governed her life, which was soon in shambles. 

At the age of 38, hitting “rock bottom”, she somehow found the courage and tools to change her life once and for all.  Today, reunited with her children, they live in their own apartment, afforded by the income she earns as a certified drug and alcohol counselor—something she describes as her true calling.

How does a person who starts out so well in life take such a dark tailspin downward?

If it can happen to Adrianna, what is to prevent it from happening to others like her?

And if it does…. are there any real answers to help us find our way back?

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