At 18 years old, one of Natisha’s uncles introduced her to his buddy: a 30-year old man with a very checkered past. They married that same year. In and out of prison over the next several years, he introduced her to crack cocaine, and her world quickly spun out of control. Drug abuse escalated into physical abuse and violence. After ten years in, Natisha finally escaped.

Many years later, Natisha traded in her life of drugs for a rather unusual option: a rigid structure; rising with the sun each day at 6:00 a.m., checking off a list of daily chores, and adhering to a strict schedule including regular bedtimes. As a result, the extraordinary happened—Natisha blossomed. Like a genie from a bottle, her God-given talents were finally revealed, leading to the reunification with her long-lost family.

But she was not able to accomplish this miracle all on her own. She found the organization that pointed her in the right direction; a direction she had always missed before. Today, she has evolved from being a tent owner to a homeowner in less than three short years.

Why had she not been able to change before, even as she so desperately wanted?

How does someone like Natisha flip the switch and turn everything around so quickly?

What was the secret that led to Natisha’s real and lasting change?

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