Sheila struggled with grief for nearly 30 years—largely under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She eventually found herself living on the river bank, sleeping in a cardboard box that she found at a nearby bike store. Sometimes, when her luck ran especially high, her box was covered by a tent. At 55 years old, she finally found the hope, and the tools, to finally change her life.

Today, nearly four years later, Sheila is employed—a full-time job she’s held for over three years.  She pays for her own apartment. And she is happily reunited with her entire family. She is thankful for her sobriety and the tools she has to successfully navigate life. Out of the darkness that once shrouded her, she now walks in the light, filled with purpose and hope.

What was it that Sheila found? What made such a dramatic shift in her life?

If she can make such a huge change, is there something that others can follow by example to realize the same results?

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