Founded in 1999 by social entrepreneurs Chris and Tammy Megison, Solutions for Change was born based on a harsh reality: “It just isn’t right for a baby to sleep on the floor of a winter emergency shelter.”

The Megisons’ model, now known as Solutions University, blends affordable housing, educational opportunities, employment training, and other health-related solutions, all within a cohesive, strategic partnership. Their efforts center on one goal: work with their community to permanently solve family homelessness for kids and the communities.

In 2016, due to the government’s manifest miscalculation of a Housing-First-only approach, they lost a whopping $600,000 in annual funding, totaling nearly $2 million as of 2020. Yet again, this had nothing to do with their incredible outcomes. Rather, they lost funding, as you might suspect, because they refused to bend their knee to the Housing First king: Housing First.

Thankfully, due to an extraordinary fund-raising effort on their part, the local community filled the financial gap so Solutions could continue to fulfill its mission.