Homestretch addresses the root causes of homelessness for each family, helping them overcome their underlying issues. Their clients arrive on their doorstep in complete despair, many fleeing for their lives from domestic abuse. Almost all are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

One of few programs like it in the country, Homestretch provides comprehensive services to gather each family, address each barrier, and enable permanent change.  Their families can achieve transformational change because Homestretch addresses every problem in their lives with sufficient support to make swift and lasting progress.

Because they maintain high expectations are high, have faith in the capabilities of their families, and remove all the reasons “why they can’t,” Homestretch families make greater and more fundamental changes in their lives than they ever thought possible.

In 2016, due to the government’s manifest miscalculation of a Housing-First-only approach, Homestretch lost approximately $600,000 in annual funding, crucial operating funds that had fueled their organization for dozens of years. The withdrawal of this funding had nothing to do with their actual outcomes. Rather, they lost funding because they refused to “toe the government line.”