A transitional housing and intensive rehabilitation program for homeless women and their children, Marian House I – their entry level program – serves 14-18 families at any given time. They provide intensive supportive services, including education, employment, and counseling during this phase.

Once families achieve their initial goals, they can move on to Marian House II, where they live in a community setting along with others striving to achieve similar goals for healthy living. Families continue to receive supportive services as they pursue their larger rehabilitation goals in a more independent setting.

In 2016, due to government’s manifest miscalculation of a Housing First-only approach, Marian House lost $400,000 in annual funding which – as of the writing of Answers Behind the RED DOOR– totals over $1.4 million lost to date. Thankfully, due to an extraordinary fund-raising effort on their part, the local community stepped up to fill the gap so Marian House could continue their amazing work.