Just out of high school, Julianna landed a fantastic job with Bally’s Total Fitness. A job with a real future, she invested long hours into her work and was elevated because of it. Unfortunately, the fitness world isn't always as healthy as it appears. A colleague opened a dark door to methamphetamines with the promise of lifting her to a higher level. Addiction, however, quickly took her down. 


Endless highs and two children later, Child Protective Services (CPS) stepped in. Having battled addiction, losing each time, she felt she would likely never see her children again—until someone took the time to point her in a new direction.


“I knew I had to finally address my behaviors and the choices that got me there in the first place.” 


Today, she is a walking miracle, reunited with her family—including her two sons. She is a manager at a prestigious Hospital and entirely self-sustaining. The Julianna of yesterday is unrecognizable. Her commitment to change and growth saved her life and that of her entire family.


How does someone change....after they have tried countless times....and failed?

Where does one turn when they have exhausted their family and remaining friends?

How can a person learn to undo all the damage they have brought upon themself and their children?

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