Maria — A must read for people in leadership


“I was looking for answers as to why the notion of “solving” homelessness in our country has been evading us for decades and how we reached the crisis levels of today. Bottom line: It’s not as easy as simply providing shelter.

The Red Door does a terrific job of providing facts and figures as to where we have gone wrong and common sense, real life solutions for today and beyond.

The book gives heart and meaning to each assertion with true stories of individuals and their struggles with addiction, mental illness and generational trauma and the horrific effect on this long-term, cyclical dilemma. At the same time the authors share successes and hope for those that take the right path in the right environment.

This book should be mandatory reading for every public official from congress to city and county administrators.”

EG — Common Sense!


“I read this book cover to cover in short time; it’s a fascinating look inside the “homeless epidemic.” The authors provide common sense solutions and discuss the issue with real-life stories as well as current data. If we are to start making a change – actually helping to decrease the homeless population – we must read this book!”


“If you want to begin to really understand homelessness in our country – along with the factors, the programs, and the policies that can make a difference, this is an important read – laid out in an easy to understand narrative that sheds light on the issue and the hopeful possibilities for change.

While I might have been left discouraged, the book offers solutions and evidence that holistic programs when tailored to personal situations and supported by thoughtful public policy can bring about life changing transformation.

KD — A very well-written book of heart-wrenching accounts and solutions that matter.


“This book lays out a proven path for change. I truly hope every government official gets a copy of this takes the lessons to heart.”

“This is an excellent account of how government fails frequently due to the “one size fits all” mentality. “Answers Behind the Red Door” shows government agencies are only interested in growing their funding and power rather than invest in working solutions.

The real frustration is to see how a program like Saint John’s could be a national model for replication, helping women and their children break the cycle of homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. Instead, taxpayer funding is wasted on programs that attempt to hide the homeless instead of breaking the cycle.

This book is should be mandatory reading for any person holding or aspiring to political office.”

MW — Understanding America’s Homeless Crisis


“Michele and David provide a first-hand look at how policy-makers have created a bigger crisis in their effort to “fix” the problem. With today’s homelessness epidemic, this book provides solutions that could change the trajectory of homelessness in America.”

SR — A real solution to the growing problem of homelessness!


“I recommend the book to those who are frustrated by ever-increasing government spending on the homeless only to see the crisis grow ever larger with no effective solution in sight. Clearly the standard bureaucratic approach of “housing first” isn’t working. This engaging, informative and inspiring book shows us how to make real change possible.”


“Answers Behind the Red Door gives an insightful account to help readers understand the causes and best approaches to helping those experiencing homelessness. I learned so much about policies and best practices for real solutions to end homelessness.


“If you believe challenging problems have no answers, do not read this book. If you believe people who are trapped cannot be free, do not read this book. But if you want answers, if you want problems solved, and if you believe your personal and our shared world can change, then READ THIS BOOK! Go through the Red Door and find the answers we need to solve homelessness in our country.”


“This book is enlightening and very well-written. I love that the authors quote Hellen Keller in saying, “Alone we can do very little, but together we can do much.” Isn’t that so true for most problems in the world. This book emphasizes that Homelessness truly is something that will not get better without the help of many. We can all do our part, and this book gives inspirational stories and tells how.

I was fascinated to read the statistics of homelessness in our country. The reasons for it and the path out of it are very-well researched and explained. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand this epidemic and do something about it.”